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Thermal Area Treatment Heaters


• The "TAT" series is designed to heat small and mid-sized rooms up to 150



. This provides effective portable

heating to areas infected with insects. It kills adult insects and will dehydrate larvae and eggs, making them unable

to hatch. Although chemical sprays only target adult insects, they can be used before utilizing the "TAT" system in

order to kill the adult insects.

• The system is designed to bring the temperature up to 150



in one hour or less, if all preliminary requirements are


• The "TAT" system may be used for water remediation, as well, in combination with adequate ventilation. Specific

models for water remediation are also available.


• Heavy duty stainless steel spiral fin heating elements

• High temperature, ball bearing 1/3 HP - 1075 RPM blower motor

• Forward curved centrifugal blower-900 CFM of air output

• Safety devices include airflow switch, disconnect switch, automatic limit control and manual reset limit control for

secondary protection

• 50 Amp unit may be linked to a 30 Amp unit to provide heating for larger spaces.

• Timer/Temp controller may be used to control both units but must use the 50 Amp base unit as the master.


• 3 convectors are an integral part of each TAT system

• 120 Volt, 15 Amp (Standard wall plug) - 5120 BTU size

• Supplied with 25' prewired cable that connects them to the TAT base unit control section with a three pin connector

• If used in front of windows or large glass doors, they will reduce heat loss and provide more even heating


• Timer/Temp Controller is an integral part of the TAT system

• 24 Volt control device that controls the heat output of the TAT base unit and up to three TAT convectors for an

operating range of 120 - 150



and for a time period of 1 -10 hours after the preset temperature is reached

• Supplied with a 25' prewired cable that connects to the TAT base unit control section using a four pin connector

• Mounts on Door outside the area being treated.

• LED lights will indicate when treatment is complete

Product Specifications

• Heavy duty industrial construction

• Forward curved centrifugal blower

• High Temperature ball bearing motor

• Optional replaceable filter

• Single point power connection, 24 volt control

• Heavy duty spiral finned elements constructed of stainless steel

• Safety devices include airflow switch, automatic limit control and manual reset limit control for secondary protection

• Disconnect switch and Unit Mounted Thermostat with range of up to 115 - 150



• The “TAT” series is sold as a system that includes the base unit, three supplemental units and the remote

timer/ temperature control (supplemental units may be purchased separately if necessary)

• Made in U.S.A

Product Features

Sizing formula for TAT Series heaters: 50

Watts of heat per square foot of heated space

or 50W/sq ft.

Example: An 800 square foot structure will

require 40,000 Watts of heat to obtain 150

degrees of prolonged heat to be effective.

(800 sq ft x 50 Watts per square foot = 40,000

Watts of heat or 40KW of heat)